We Are Unity Sunday

Theodore Roosevelt

"Believe you can and you’re halfway there."


The purpose of the "NAFFRA UNITY SUNDAY OPERATIONAL PLAN" is to announce to our New Afrikan People across our beautiful 
country that change is upon us. In order to assure success is launching our Plan, a clear understanding must be had by all concerned. Transparency is required in order that our people will be willing to participate with all of our might under the blessing of our HEAVENLY Father. With the first cycle of this "movement" the recruitment of church families who make up the congregations throughout Black church America; to take the vanguard position in bringing forward the change we so desperately need. This will be change that will be visible to the eye when the families are joyfully willing to become an active part by getting involved in building a "Perpetual Monetary Fund" for the primary purpose of having available funds to move forward in creating the infrastructure and jobs immediately. This way of family participation calls for each family member to make a $1 contribution at each Sunday service attended, with the assistance of 
our ushers and permission of our church leadership in order to assist in bringing forward positive change. The funds collected in this manner will be turned over to the individual appointed by the church leadership to serve as a committee board member, who will bank and account to the church body to ensure these funds accomplish their purpose and this purpose only. 
Any church body that refuses to work with our family movement will be showing poor judgment in this inability to help bring forward the change in our collective behavior. These funds would do much to prevent the next Ferguson, Baltimore, and Fruitvale. Once before the Afrikan-Amerikan church stood silent as the white church refused to speak in favor of the abolition of the African Holocaust taking place during enslavement and the 1940s through the 1960s. 

  Now is the time for Black Church America to find a way not to fail to speak out against the evil that still ensnares our people in ways of poverty and mass Incarceration. The Black Church can ill afford the luxury of silence in the face of our people's need of her leadership in assisting in bringing forward the change we seek. When our family movement identifies property of land we can build upon, we shall use the funds already collected from the church and deposited in the bank. For example, there’s always a need for Family Buffet Restaurants" where our families can eat each Sunday after services. This will be a great investment because it will tie in with the 'Aquaponics and Organic Farming Movement' to feed our people healthier food, while creating more jobs. With this "Unity Sunday Operational Plan," we can clearly see the solution to many of our problems as a people when we are willing to build on the blessings our Savior has bestowed upon our people. What our family movement must instill in the minds of our New Afrikan Families is the philosophy of self-ownership. For this, there are many good examples all around and throughout our communities. Some examples come from other lands, some of them we even had wars with. Some Asian and Middle Eastern brothers come and set up their businesses throughout our communities and do very well with the markets they develop among Black Amerikan citizens with the money we spend with them without looking back to see the harm we are doing to ourselves. Now is the time we use these monies that come into Black hands to benefit our families before leaving our communities to benefit others. In order to build the infrastructure we need, to create the jobs that will come with using our money differently in how this drama must turn in the direction of rescuing the destiny of this Afrikan Amerikan as a major actor in this drama from the hands of those who only seek our total destruction. How we use our money must be understood by our church body across our nation; it is needed to take a leadership role in helping to bring change into the mindset and lifestyle of the black American. This way of seeing through the periscope of the future, only shows Black Amerika what is already known; as a people, if we cannot find a way to work together to better protect ourselves, the next Baltimore is just a matter of days ahead. Because we continue to refuse to unite with a plan that not only speaks to the Black man, it will tell all others that we are no longer looking to witness the change in the oppressor’s behavior in how he relates to people. Change must take place within our own collective behavior. 

     The key to our dilemma will not continue to be how many rocks can be thrown at police with guns in hands that reach for the trigger, waiting for a reason to kill our youth with impunity. Instead, it will be what our behavior will be when the strength of our unified voice will be loud and clear to the police we now seem to fear. A change is at hand and a new day is here. We seek not your imprisonment; it is your unemployment we reach for long before you reach the point where you lust for our blood which will cause another death. It cannot be made any clearer than this: those of our people who attend church each Sunday must come together on Monday through Saturday to register into this membership number we seek in order to begin securing our own future, and the future of our nation. 



Dr. Donald R. Evans, Sr.


National Afrikan Amerikan Family Reunion Association



Working Hard For You